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Very strict grading

Prices are very competitive

Old Fashioned Personalized Service Guaranteed

  • Courteous and fair dealing always.
  • I look at each and every coin I buy.
  • I handle all orders myself. Fast is the word: most orders are out the same day.
  • One of the lowest return percentages for raw coins in the industry. Strict grading is the answer.
  • You can call me anytime when I am in town. I will go through my boxes for available coins and new purchase and describe each coin if you like.
  • I handle only collector coins, sharp strikes, nice eye appeal.
  • I do not sell coins for investment. Coins will go up and down in value over a period of time.

Large Selection of Coins

How to Order

Remember when you want to trade in or sell your extra coins, give me a call and we can talk.
Quality collector "raw" coins, request my monthly new price list send S.A.S.E or call.

Updates for December 2022 and January 2023.

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