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By Phone

Call 1-800-346-6718 (Orders Only) or (858) 513-6551

Fax (858) 513-6557

By Mail

Fill out the order form and mail to:

Dave's - D. C. W. Collections
P. O. Box 500850
San Diego, CA 92150-0850

Shipping and Handling - $5.00

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Raw or Slab Coins

Thanks for your business. 10 days return privilege, no refunds after that date unless prior agreement in writing. Grading: I guarantee all my coins sold authentic however with the subjective description which can and do vary by grading experts at any given time. I will not guarantee any grading service will agree with my description and grading. I offer more than 25 years of conservative "raw coin grading opinion". No warranty is expressed or implied. My raw coin prices are very competitive with today's market. Coins do and will go up and down in value over a period of time. I sell coins for collectors interest and not for investment. You may call anytime for full description of coin or coins for sale, as well as any coin questions.

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